Phi Beta Delta

Mars Crater Named After Phi Beta Delta

In hopes of a future chapter on Mars, a Martian crater has been named after Phi Beta Delta!
Dr. Paul Rich, former President of Phi Beta Delta, has donated to name a Mars crater after Phi Beta Delta.
This puts PBD on the final frontier! Many thanks to Dr. Rich for his continuing support of Phi Beta Delta.

  • Visit this link to view the Mars map.
  • Click the view header "Craters" then scroll down to the search box and enter "Phi Beta Delta" - click "Go" to view the crater!"

At 12 km (7.5 mi) in diameter, the Phi Beta Delta crater is just 2.6 degrees south of the Martian equater.
This location is near the Amenthes Planum formation on the Martian surface.

Satellite image of Phi Beta Delta crater, wide view

Satellite image of Phi Beta Delta crater, close view

Satellite imagery courtesy NASA
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