Phi Beta Delta


Phi Beta Delta Silent Auction

Here’s a great opportunity to support Phi Beta Delta - and get a prize!

Go to this link and register as a bidder in our Phi Beta Delta Silent Virtual Auction! []

The auction is now open and bidding will continue until June 25.
Winning bidders will be notified by email by July 1 and can make payment using the Donation Button on the PBD website. Remember to indicate what item the donation is for.

You can still donate items using this Silent Auction Donation Form. []


Do you have items in your home that you acquired on your international travels, but are no longer using?
Do you have items that you bought on your travels to give as gifts, but instead these items are tucked away in a closet?
Do you have a favorite international artisan that you’ve supported in the past, so that you have multiple artworks in our house from this source?

Consider donating these items to the PBD Silent Auction so you can share them with others + provide funds for PBD, while reducing the clutter in your own house!

Tax-deductible donations are being accepted for a Silent Auction at the 2023 Phi Beta Delta Conference.

We “kicked off” the silent auction at our annual conference on May 23-24 We will keep the auction open until June 25.

Here are some ideas:
** gift certificates at chain restaurants or hotels (These must be “brands” that are found across the US and possibly abroad.) For example: Two nights at a Hilton co. hotel, a dinner for 4 at Outback, Starbucks gift cards
** gift certificates at Amazon
** gift certificates at sustainable, eco-friendly websites (International clothing, handmaid items from artisans in a country)
** several days at an Air BnB; use of a vacation home for a week
** gift baskets
**international handcrafted items!
** copies of internationally-themed books (signed by authors would be great!)
** signed or commissioned artwork
** airline miles
** services - website building, virtual assistants of any kind
** travel packages

Donate items individually or create your own “International Gift Basket” by grouping multiple items. (Ex. - “Art from Bali,” “Handicrafts from Venezuela.”)

Be aware that as the donor you will provide shipping, so lighter items will be easier to ship to the winning bidder.

Please contact Dr. Sharon Joy at about your donations and any questions! We look forward to a productive and exciting Silent Auction.