Phi Beta Delta


IRR Advertising Guidelines & Payment Process

  1. Phi Beta Delta (PBD) accepts online advertising in the scholarly research journal International Research and Review, published 2 times per year on-line only and in pdf format. The IRR also accepts classified advertising for job openings and online classified advertising. The IRR is an open access journal indexed by EBSCO, IDP, and ERIC. It is accessed and accessible by administrators, faculty, staff, students and the general public. The IRR began publication in the fall 2011 and is currently in its tenth year of publication on-line. This follows a similar previous publication in hard copy between 1990-2002.

  2. Benefits: The IRR is a relatively low-cost way to reach your target audience, in addition, advertising brings a prestigious connection with the Honor Society, it shows a support for academic excellence, and shows that your brand supports international and global initiatives learning objectives.

  3. METRICS: The IRR is indexed by EBSCO, IDP, and ERIC. ERIC provides the IRR with twice a year metrics showing the total activity of the journal, and the specific activity of the top 10 articles for that period. For the period of July – December 2020, the metrics showed a total activity of 1,351 downloads, and 1,449 views for all articles, and specifically for the top 10 articles 921 views and 800 downloads.

  4. How to Reserve an Ad: Send email to

  5. Advertising Guidelines: Please note that the AD must align with PBD mission/values (no ads for gun sales, political ads, racism, etc.). All advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising for any reason; (2) The IRR is published in pdf format. The advertiser must provide the publisher with a ready-to-post ad file. The publisher prefers ad files in .jpg or .png format. All ads will be converted to pdf format. Advertisers should provide desired landing URL with the submitted ad file. Digital Advertising Placements, Prices, & Dimensions. Placement of ads will be on (1) front inside cover and following pages (as necessary or desired), and on the back inside cover and preceding pages (as necessary).

  6. Cancellations: Due to production costs already incurred, reservations that are not canceled prior to the closing date will be invoiced for the full amount of the reservation, whether or not the ad appears in the journal.

  7. Payment Terms: Payment must be made prior to publication.

  8. Full Page 7 x 10"

    Half Page 7 x 4.75"

  9. Questions? For clarification, reservations, or any advertising queries, or for additional information concerning editorial features, advertising rates, or how to submit materials for consideration, please contact:
    Michael Smithee, Ed.D.
    Editor-in-chief, International Research and Review
    Phone: (954) 573-1280