Phi Beta Delta


Past Webinars

  1. ESports, the Growing Trend in Varsity Sports Presented by Samanga Amarasinghe
    ESports is competitive, organized video gaming with competitions nationally and internationally at various age groups. An ESports program allows universities to tap into at-home gamers as campus athletes and secure them education through ESports scholarships, while giving the at-home gamers the experience of playing collegiate sports. The growing fan base and the sponsors supporting ESports tournaments and events bring revenues to institutions. The presentation provided a basic understanding of establishing a cost effective ESports program at varsity level using available resources. Link to Video:

  2. Global Briefing Series Presents Renowned Author Simon Anholt in a discussion of his book THE GOOD COUNTRY EQUATION
    Simon Anholt is an independent policy advisor to the Heads of State and governments of 57 countries. Anholt has written six books about countries, cultures and globalization. His 2020 book, Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generation, began with one question. HOW CAN WE DEFEAT GLOBAL CHALLENGES such as climate change, pandemics, war, poverty, migration, and extremism? Simon Anholt describes his decades advising leaders and tells how he began answering that question. The Good Country Equation is his formula for empowering governments and future generations to collaborate. He publishes the Good Country Index, which ranks countries on their contribution to humanity and the planet and is now in its fifth edition. Simon’s TED talk launching the Good Country Index has received over 7 million views on and another 5 million on YouTube. Link to Video:

  3. CUNY Presentation: Diplomat in Residence by Ms. Danielle Harms
    Ms. Danielle Harms, Diplomat-in-Residence for New York Metro (NJ,NY,PA) discussed the challenges and rewards of a career in the Foreign Service. She spoke with students about State Department career opportunities including careers, fellowships and internships.
    Diplomats-in-Residence (DIRs) are experienced Foreign Service Officers who can provide additional guidance regarding career opportunities and student programs with the U.S. Department of State.
    This visit was sponsored by the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, Eta Lambda Chapter and the Center for Global Engagement at the College of Staten Island/CUNY.