Initiation Guide & Ceremonies

1. ΦΒΔ Guide to Initiation
One of your primary goals for each initiation should be to award the Society's medallion, and a certificate to each initiate. For each initiation your chapter conducts, the following procedures should be followed:

2. Submitting a Supply Order Form
Submit a Supply Order Form to order medallions, certificates and other emblems well in advance of the ceremony. Your payment should accompany the order. On this form, you state the exact number of initiates you will be inducting. You may want to order extra certificates due to the likelihood of mistakes when you put the initiate's names on the certificates. Certificate orders are included with the price of the medallion. All orders for medallions and certificates for your initiation ceremonies must be submitted to the Executive Office at least three weeks prior to the initiation, and payment should accompany your order. All other items (pins, banners, etc.) take slightly longer to arrive, so orders should be placed well in advance. Medallions, banners and other emblems will be ordered by the Executive Office and shipped directly to you.

3. Submitting Member List Form
Along with your Supply Order Form, please submit the Member Lists Form, and your payment for supplies. The Member Roster Form includes space for continuing members. The annual dues for these members are $15 per continuing member. General questions regarding initiations, orders or payments should be directed to:

Contact Info

Phi Beta Delta Headquarters
Administration Building
Rooms 148 & 150
CSU San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407 USA
Telephone: (+1) 909-537-5018

4. Suggested Initiation Ceremonies Procedures
You will find the Statement of Induction in the Chapter Manual.
These are twelve possible or suggested initiations ceremonies for Phi Beta Delta. Remember that we are a nonsectarian organization, so no initiation should have religious or philosophic symbols, which would make someone uncomfortable because of their faith or indeed their lack of specific denominational affiliation. The initiation should be ecumenical and embracing. Unlike other Greek societies we do not require a set initiation service of chapters, but rather leave to each chapter its induction format. What we do require is that the initiation be conducted with considerable honor, that the history and symbols of the society be explained thoroughly to the candidates and that the ceremony be memorable and meaningful. Example ceremony suggestions are listed below.

I. The Harriet Mayor Fulbright Service and Initiation

II. The Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick Initiation

III. Alpha Alpha Chapter Michigan State University Induction Ceremony and Reception 2014

IV. Alpha Alpha Chapter Michigan State University Induction Ceremony and Reception 2013

V. Nortwestern State University (LA) completed a virtual spring induction in spring 2020

VI. Eta Lambda Chapter at the College of Staten Island/CUNY