Phi Beta Delta


Past Webinars

  1. ESports, the Growing Trend in Varsity Sports Presented by Samanga Amarasinghe
    ESports is competitive, organized video gaming with competitions nationally and internationally at various age groups. An ESports program allows universities to tap into at-home gamers as campus athletes and secure them education through ESports scholarships, while giving the at-home gamers the experience of playing collegiate sports. The growing fan base and the sponsors supporting ESports tournaments and events bring revenues to institutions. The presentation provided a basic understanding of establishing a cost effective ESports program at varsity level using available resources. Link to Video:

  2. Global Briefing Series Presents Renowned Author Simon Anholt in a discussion of his book THE GOOD COUNTRY EQUATION
    Simon Anholt is an independent policy advisor to the Heads of State and governments of 57 countries. Anholt has written six books about countries, cultures and globalization. His 2020 book, Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generation, began with one question. HOW CAN WE DEFEAT GLOBAL CHALLENGES such as climate change, pandemics, war, poverty, migration, and extremism? Simon Anholt describes his decades advising leaders and tells how he began answering that question. The Good Country Equation is his formula for empowering governments and future generations to collaborate. He publishes the Good Country Index, which ranks countries on their contribution to humanity and the planet and is now in its fifth edition. Simon’s TED talk launching the Good Country Index has received over 7 million views on and another 5 million on YouTube. Link to Video:

  3. CUNY Presentation: Diplomat in Residence by Ms. Danielle Harms
    Ms. Danielle Harms, Diplomat-in-Residence for New York Metro (NJ,NY,PA) discussed the challenges and rewards of a career in the Foreign Service. She spoke with students about State Department career opportunities including careers, fellowships and internships.
    Diplomats-in-Residence (DIRs) are experienced Foreign Service Officers who can provide additional guidance regarding career opportunities and student programs with the U.S. Department of State.
    This visit was sponsored by the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, Eta Lambda Chapter and the Center for Global Engagement at the College of Staten Island/CUNY.

  4. The Kaleidoscope of Innovative Education in China by Dr. Terry Qian
    Dr. Qian is an inspirational leader in education at all levels, Headmaster for Peide School, Division Principal for International School of the Peninsula, Governor for Wellington College China, Director for International Education at Communication University if China and President for Yihai Education Group, and more. He is dedicated to realizing education equity through innovation, starting with an entrepreneurial project for parent education named UNSCHOOL. Link to Video:

  5. Global Education Lecture Series: Virtual Platforms, Real Connections: Creating International Community through Creative Writing in Pandemic Times.
    This session focused on how two creative writing and cultural exchange programs hosted by the UI’s International Writing Program (IWP), Between the Lines (BTL) and the Summer Institute (SI), have adapted during the pandemic. What has switching to fully virtual formats been like with high school and college-aged writers in twenty countries and across multiple time zones? Through the lens of the IWP's summer programs, what are the lessons learned about international exchange through creative writing over the past year? In conversation with Yashwant Prakash Vyas, IWP Program Coordinators, Dr. Alisa Weinstein and Dr. Peter Gerlach, discussed what participating in BTL and the SI has meant for students around the world, deepening their craft and sense of belonging from a distance, during these uncertain times. The mission of the Global Education Lecture Series is to discuss issues facing international educational interchange, engage in shared scholarship, and to be in community. Link to Video: Coming Soon

  6. Learning From the Land Mai Nguyen (they/them), also known as Farmer Mai, is an independent farm owner-operator who grows heirloom crops, as well as a social justice activist. Nguyen is also co-Director at Minnow, an organization that secures farmland tenure for California's farmers of color while supporting indigenous sovereignty. Her talk is entitled, "Farming As Activism." Farming can be a way of fighting climate change, advancing racial justice, and supporting human and bio-diversity if we choose. Let's talk about how.
    Mark Sung Alapaki Luke is an Associate Professor and the Division Chair of Hawaiian Programs at Honolulu Community College. His teaching is centered around culture and place-based pedagogy. He focuses on native ʻike (knowledge) from the kūpuna (elders) that have given us a foundation of ʻike ʻāina (learning from the land/earth). His talk is entitled, "Native Knowledge Now." Taro has deep roots in Hawaiian genealogy, culture, and land. Luke will address issues of community, sustainability, and food security.
    Margo Robbins is the co-founder and executive director of the Cultural Fire Management Council. She comes from the traditional Yurok village of Morek. She gathers and prepares traditional food and medicine. She is a basket weaver and regalia maker. Her talk is entitled, "Fire is Medicine." Indigenous peoples have used fire to maintain a healthy, productive, and balanced ecosystem. Such practices have cultural and ecological benefits and helps keep communities safer from wildfire. Learn more about Robbins' work in reclaiming fire as a land management tool.