Phi Beta Delta FAQs

Phi Beta Delta Crest


Below are the different versions of Phi Beta Delta crest for download:


Gold Version


Red Version


Black Version

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Why don?t I see my chapter?s information in the Medallion Newsletter?

Submissions are always welcomed for the Medallion Newsletter. If you want to submit a short article about your chapter?s activities please send it to Dr. Michael Smithee, Director of Publications at:

What other publications are available?

The following are available for purchase:

Note: A detailed list of the publications can be found in the Supply Order Form.

To order any of these publications, please send the Supply Order Form along with the payment to the:

Phi Beta Delta Honor Society
1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20009

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What are the types of Awards?

Who is eligible to receive a Commemorative Medallion?

The most frequent recipients of commemorative medallions (also referred to as honorary medallions) are honorary members of your chapter. Ambassadors, visiting heads of states, college and university presidents, and government officials are some of the people who have received the commemorative medallions. These are people whom you do not expect to be involved in the day-to-day operations of Phi Beta Delta. However, they have contributed in some way to your chapter, and you wish to pay homage to them by awarding them a medallion. Other recipients of the commemorative medallion are active members whom you wish to honor even further because of specific acts of internationalism that they have performed. Remember to include the information about your honorary members when your send us your Membership List Form.

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  1. What items do I need for my induction ceremony?
  2. How do I request materials for an induction ceremony?
  3. What happens if I have not received all of the materials for the ceremony?
  4. What happens if I have last minute members before my induction ceremony?
  5. How can I make a payment?
  6. What are extra certificates for?
  7. How can I engrave PBD medallions?
  8. When do I pay for continuing members?
  9. How do I send my chapter’s membership list?
  10. Where can I get the password to edit the chapter’s pages?
  11. How can I access the logo of the Society?
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Starting a Chapter

  1. What is Phi Beta Delta?
  2. Can I become a member of my University's Chapter?
  3. How can my University start a new chapter?
  4. What are the benefits of membership?
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