Historian/Archivist's Page

Topics for PBD Research

Phi Beta Delta has areas of its history that certainly need investigation. There were more than thirty founding chapters, some of which had themselves a long history. We don't know about their past, what place they had on their campuses before they came together to form our present society. We need to know because that would give us an idea of the true origins of PBD. We didn't just miraculous appear when those first groups decided to come together. We "pre-existed".

We also of course need to know a lot more about the founders. We do know that many of them were quite well known and we have hints that they brought to the founding a lot of information about international scholarship and exchange. Also, we need for the Washington office the memorabilia of the past - photos, mugs, pins, and whatever else can kindle memories.

The International Historian of Phi Beta Delta works closely with the local chapter historians and is always available to answer questions about what local chapter historians should be doing. At the International Congress each year, the International Historian offers a workshop on local chapter history.

The historian is the keeper of the chapter's memories, which otherwise would be lost. In an age of websites, this means to have a digital camera and takes photographs for the web of the various activities of the chapter.

As historian, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain all records, such as the web scrapbook, the continuing history of the chapter, videos, cassettes, photographs, souvenir programs, sample t-shirts, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and convention materials. Display these materials appropriately at Phi Beta Delta functions.
  • Caption and date all materials.
  • Make entries on the web, rather than waiting until the end of the year to compile everything.
  • Participate in the initiation ceremony and talk about the chapter's past.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or comments: Dr. Catherine Turrill:  turrillc@csus.edu