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2016 Conference in Denver, Colo.

PHI BETA DELTA will hold its 2016 Conference in Denver, Colo. on June 3 and 4. For the first time the Society will hold its conference in collaboration with NAFSA: Association of International Educators. The NAFSA conference will be held from May 29 to June 3. The Phi Beta Delta Conference will be held on June 3 and 4. NAFSA and Phi Beta Delta will overlap their conferences on June 3 with Phi Beta Delta incorporating the NAFSA plenary into its program. 

In addition, in anticipation of an overlap of conference goers, and in recognition that many NAFSA members are also Phi Beta Delta members, the Society will utilize NAFSA's registration management system for its conference.

Phi Beta Delta President Dr. Astrid Sheil Becomes ACE Fellow
In March 2015, Dr. Astrid Sheil, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Interim Chair of the Department of Accounting & Finance in the College of Business and Public Administration at California State University, San Bernardino, was named an ACE Fellow for academic year 2015-16. The ACE Fellows Program gives higher education leaders a year's apprenticeship working with a university president and senior leadership team.  A full description can be found here.


Dr. Astrid Sheil

September 2015
Dear PBD Members,

I promised I would write to you on a regular basis. I just didn’t realize how much information I would have to share with you so quickly. So, let me get right to it.

We are in the process of aligning our annual conference with NAFSA’s conference. There are several reasons for doing this.
  • First, we know that many of our PBD members are also members of NAFSA. With limited resources, many of us have to flip a coin each year and decide, “Will I go to the Phi Beta Delta conference or to the NAFSA conference?” Hopefully, by staging the first day of the PBD conference to overlap with the last day of the NAFSA conference, many of us can now attend both conferences.
  • Second, the goal of this alliance will be to strengthen both organizations and provide better support to the members. We have different perspectives and emphases that are complimentary and will benefit members of both PBD and NAFSA.
  • Third, by aligning the timing of our conferences, PBD members will be exposed to the broader and more diverse initiatives that fall under the NAFSA umbrella. At the same time, NAFSA members will be able to attend and participate in the scholarly presentations and perspectives of international education research.
From every angle, the connection to NAFSA looks promising and beneficial for all concerned. Thus, I am pleased to announce that 2016 Phi Beta Delta Conference will be held in Denver, Colo., June 3 and 4, 2016 immediately following the NAFSA conference. As part of this new alliance, NAFSA and Phi Beta Delta organizers will be working hard to get the word out to all members. It’s not too early to be preparing for a submission of a paper or a panel proposal!!

And, if that were not enough BIG information for one communique, it is with mixed feelings that I announce the resignation of Dr. Rueyling Chuang as Executive Director & CEO of the national PBD office. Rueyling has done an outstanding job of managing the national office, so it is not surprising that the CSUSB Provost and the dean of the College of Arts and Letters have asked her to assume the position of Interim Associate Dean. Those of you who know Rueyling, know that she is always in motion, always working. She will do a great job in her new position. We thank Dr. Rueyling Chuang for her loyal and unwavering commitment to the goals of Phi Beta Delta, and we wish her all the best in her new administrative role.

But wait! There’s more…

In an effort to minimize the disruption that a change in leadership might cause (especially as we begin our new relationship with NAFSA), the Phi Beta Delta board of directors and Dr. Rong Chen, Interim Associate Provost at CSUSB, have unanimously recommended that Dr. Salaam Yousif be appointed as Interim Executive Director & CEO of the national office of Phi Beta Delta. For those of you who have not met Dr. Yousif, you will be happy to know that he has been a long-time member and supporter of Phi Beta Delta and is a seasoned administrator—(read: Dr. Yousif knows what needs to be done and more importantly, knows how to get it done!)

You will be hearing more about the new changes and opportunities at PBD throughout the coming year. In the meantime, please begin planning to submit an article or request for a panel for the conference next June.  I hope your year is off to a great start.

Remember, this is your organization. Let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

Warmest regards,

Astrid Sheil

Astrid Sheil, PhD
President, Phi Beta Delta Honor Society
ACE Fellow, 2015-2016

Dr. Rueyling Chuang Steps Down as Executive Director, Becomes Second Regent of Phi Beta Delta

Dr. Rueyling Chuang, executive director since July 2011, is stepping down to become the Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters, at CSU San Bernardino.  While she is not leaving the institution, her new position will allow her to remain close to Phi Beta Delta. At its September 18, 2015 meeting the Board of Directors of Phi Beta Delta appointed her a Regent of the Society.  She will share this position with Dr. Yvonne Captain, who was appointed upon her stepping down in 2011.  During her tenure as executive director, Dr. Chuang achieved economies of measure in managing the Society's finances and has been instrumental in establishing a firm foundation for the the Society's Headquarters at CSU, San Bernardino.  

Dr. Salaam Yousif becomes Interim Executive Director of Phi Beta Delta

Salaam Yousif (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, the University of Iowa) is Professor Emeritus of English, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Yousif developed and taught several courses in world literature and published several articles on Iraqi culture and literature. He also translated contemporary Iraqi poems into English, including the collection “Letters to My Brother,” which was set to music as a choral piece, “A Handshake in the Dark,” by Michael Nyman and premiered by the BBC Symphony Chorus and Orchestra in 2007.

For the past ten years, Dr. Yousif has served as Assistant then Associate Dean, College of Arts & Letters, at California State University, San Bernardino. He was one of the founding members of Gamma Lambda, the Phi Beta Delta chapter at his home institution, and also served as President Elect, President, and Past President of the chapter.

Dr. Rajrani Kalra Named 2016 Conference Planner, Board Member of Phi Beta Delta

Rajrani Kalra (Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. She currently serves as the President of Gamma Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Delta, California State University, San Bernardino, having previously served as the Secretary and President-Elect.

Dr. Kalra is one of the founding members of Lambda Chi (An International Geographical Honors Society) at the department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Cal State San Bernardino. Also, she is the current Chair of the Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers. She has published several articles in geography journals such as Asian Profile, GeoJournal, also in International Research and Review of the Phi Delta Honors Society for International Scholars and contributed chapters to book projects on high technology, regional development, linguistic diversity in India and GIS and E-learning. She has presented 50 of her research presentations at national and international conferences to date.


Deborah Pierce, PhD
Associate Vice President (retired)
Northern Illinois University,
Vice President for Education & Professional Development at
NAFSA: Association for International Educators (2012-2014)
Highlights of NAFSA 2015 Annual Conference, Boston
The 2015 Annual Conference of NAFSA: Association of International Educators set a new attendance record, for a very good reason – it was fabulous!  (Full disclosure: until my term ended in December 2014, I was the NAFSA Vice President to whom the Annual Conference Committee reported, so along with many wonderful NAFSA colleagues, I had a hand in the development of the conference program.) 
Each year at the conference I am continually astounded at the way we bring together thousands of colleagues in the field of international education, all in one place at one time, along with all the resources of a 10,000 member NGO with a staff of 85.  For an international education professional, the Annual Conference is kind of like every gift-giving holiday around the world, all rolled into one – leading to a wonderful, jam-packed week of learning and network opportunities. 
There is such a cornucopia of events and options, I recognize that for some it can be a bit daunting, even perhaps somewhat overwhelming.  With that in mind, the members of the Annual Conference Committee (ACC) have created special events and programs to help everyone network, so all can identify those they need to interact with and learn from.  I’ve always found the Monday evening Knowledge Community receptions to be particularly helpful:  each provides a smaller setting in which a participant, even a newcomer, can meet colleagues with whom one would like to schedule a meeting or conversation for later in the conference.   This year I truly enjoyed the reception for the International Education Leadership Knowledge Community, where I succeeded in connecting with many old friends and some new ones. 
There are such outstanding learning opportunities. The primary focus of the ACC is on providing pre-conference workshops, conference sessions, and poster fairs.  These give every participant a chance to sample all areas of international education, including internationalization, education abroad, leadership, international enrollment, and services to international students and scholars.  While the workshops require an additional registration payment, more than 200 sessions (included in the base registration fee) cover all kinds of fascinating topics, including research, teaching and intercultural communication (see especially the offerings of the Knowledge Community on Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, “TLS”). And the poster fairs have become very professional, with lots of great information offered by around 20 – 25 teams of presenters at one time.  This year I very much enjoyed the Country Fair, where EducationUSA advisors from around the world provide information about their home nations, the local educational systems, and their offices and services.  Each year this fair is really helpful for credential evaluators and recruiters – or anyone who wants a crash course in education around the world. 
The plenary speakers this year were wonderful, as they have generally been over the past 15 years at NAFSA conferences.  Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point and David and Goliath, inspired us all to think about the ways in which we allocate educational opportunities and resources, and set the tone for a new discussion thread within NAFSA on the question of inequality in international education.  We rarely have repeat speakers, but this year NAFSA CEO and Executive Director Marlene Johnson invited back Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier in Sierra Leone who has surmounted his violent treatment in childhood to become a novelist and human rights activist.  It was so exciting to learn from Beah about the role that international education played in his development.  I wasn’t able to see the other two plenary speakers, Shiza Shahid and Tawakkol Karman, but colleagues told me they were outstanding, as well.  
The Expo Hall is another area of the conference that continues to grow:  this year we had the largest number of exhibitors we’ve ever had.  And the only way we get so many organizations to exhibit in the same place at one time is by attracting so many participants.  I find the Expo Hall a great place to get updated on new developments in the field, including new technologies and new products. Further, Expo has become a true world’s fair, with pavilions from nations and regions all over the globe, comprising booths from various universities seeking to collaborate with universities in other nations (including the US). 
Awards.  Even though NAFSA doesn’t focus on recognition as centrally as does Phi Beta Delta, NAFSA does present a number of awards at the conference each year.  I was so happy to congratulate my good friend, PBD Past President Joy Stevenson, who was honored in Boston as a NAFSA Life Member, in recognition for her outstanding leadership in NAFSA.
I should add that the Annual Conference is dynamic, always changing to meet more fully the needs of our participants and the field.  Each year we gather extensive evaluation data for the conference as a whole as well as for each workshop and session, and then the ACC and NAFSA staff use the data to revise current program elements and to create new ones.  For that reason, experiences I mention here as a highlight from 2015 may be different next year, or in five years – so that NAFSA and the Annual Conference can continue to provide the most updated and most engaging learning opportunities possible. 
I look forward to seeing the Phi Beta Delta and NAFSA collaboration in Denver 2016.  It will provide members of both organizations a central point in which to engage in the two key questions we each ask:  why? and how?  

Anita Gaines
Director, International Student and Scholar Services
University of Houston

These are exciting times in the life of Phi Beta Delta.  Knowing what a significant role this honor society has played on my campus, I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet with NAFSA staff leadership along with my Phi Beta Delta Board colleagues during the recent NAFSA Conference in Boston.  This meeting represented the opportunity for tremendous growth for our honor society. I personally want to do all that I can to be sure that all the wonderful ideals and benefits of Phi Beta Delta can be well represented for the coming Phi Beta Delta-NAFSA  collaboration during the Denver Conference.  I am really looking forward to it!
Joy Stevenson, PhD
Director Emerita of the International Center, University of Central Missouri
Phi Beta Delta Board of Directors
The NAFSA Conference held in Boston the last week of May brought together more than 10,000 international educators from approximately 100 countries.  Hundreds of Phi Beta Delta members were there and three were awarded NAFSA Life Membership in a special ceremony: Peter Briggs who retired from Michigan State University, Betty Soppelsa who retired from the NAFSA staff after a career at the University of Kansas and Joy Stevenson who retired from the University of Central Missouri.  It was my pleasure to mention the importance of Phi Beta Delta in my acceptance comments and to have several other PBD members in the audience that evening.  We were also joined by the six Global Dialogue Fellows from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania who have been chosen for a conference-based two year professional development as international education leaders.  Other welcome attendees were the 2015 Diversity Impact Scholars.

Workshops, symposia, sessions, poster sessions and fairs filled the week.  A well-stocked bookstore offering discounts and autographed books was always full of customers.  Growing in popularity are the Country Fair (where dozens of EducationUSA representatives share information about the educational systems around the world) as well as the U.S. Higher Education Partnership Fair (where schools share their information with attendees seeking exchange partners and student destinations).

For many the highlights of the conference each year are the plenary speakers and 2015 brought a wonderful set of diverse speakers, including Malcolm Gladwell, Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, Ishmael Beah, U.S Department of Education Secretary Arnie Duncan, and Shiza Shahid, the founder of the Malala Fund promoting the efforts of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.  Their comments were all energizing and challenging.

We all look forward to the 2016 NAFSA Conference in Denver, Colorado and are particularly excited that in 2016 Phi Beta Delta will partner with the NAFSA Conference by meeting the Friday afternoon and Saturday following the NAFSA Conference.  See you all in Denver!


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OMICRON Chapter, California State University, Sacramento

The OMICRON Chapter at California State University, Sacramento had its annual initiation ceremony on Thursday, April 30. Present were the chapter officers, numerous chapter members, one new honorary  member, and the twelve new initiates: Professors Joyce Bishop, Feng (Oliver) Liu, Caio Miguel, Myung Hae Park, and Curtis Smith; staff member Alex Shigenaga; and students Kendall Bower, Richard Carrillo, Ariel Goodly, Mai Nakajima, Jorge Preciado, and Elva Sullivan.

Our honorary member was Professor Lipi Ghosh, Director of the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Calcutta, India. She was a Fulbright Visiting Faculty in Sacramento State's Asian Studies Program this year. A highly regarded and widely traveled historian who has presented her work at conferences and universities throughout Asia, Europe, Great Britain, and North America, Professor Ghosh specializes in Southeast Asian Studies, with a focus on Myanmar and Thailand. Her major areas of research interest are ethnicity, minority, and cultural studies. Also attending the initiation ceremony was University Provost Frederika (Fraka) Harmsen, who said a few words at the start of the evening. She discussed a few recent campus initiatives in the international sphere, including the establishment of a new location for the office of International Programs and Global Engagement. Provost Harmsen transferred her Phi Beta Delta membership to the Omicron Chapter last year.
Shown in the photo are the twelve new initiates and, on the far right, Professor Lipi Ghosh.
Professor Catherine Turrill
President and Interim Coordinator, Omicron Chapter


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